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Priscilla Avila is a Brazilian actress, writer, model and director. She has appeared in several Brazilian plays, films, and Tv Shows, most notably as Stefani in 2017's “171 Negocio de Familia” at Universal Channel Brazil. She speaks Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.
She was born in a small city in  Brazil. Priscilla exposure to the world of acting came when she moved to Itabuna, Bahia. She began her career by appearing in several plays and commercials since 1998. Her debut in a Theatre was when she was only 12 years old and her first commercial was when she was 14 years old.
At 13`s she got invited to be part of the Theatre group of the City (TEG) and travels to multiple cities to join Theater Festivals. Avila and her group won several awards with the plays they produced. 
At 15’s she was constantly acting, writing and selling paintings for the local market, a hobby that she discovered being lucrative. In 2001, she also joined the Theatre Group from the University of South of Bahia (UESC). 
In spite of her theatre career and commercials, Avila, pursuit her dream about movies appearing in some short movies in 2009 in Bahia, Brazil.
As a young woman, she remained adamant also about her education. Studying Psychology and after changing her field for Foreign Languages, Culture and Creative Economy. She learned several languages in college and began to travel around the world to complement her acting skills. She went to several acting training in Argentina, France and later in the US.
In 2012, she traveled to Paris to find more opportunities. She appeared on TV in a famous music video from the movie of Les Kairas, and she was part of a short film with the French actress Esther Garrel. 
While continuing her movie actress career in Brazil, Avila earned a post-degree in Cinema from a Brazilian University in Sao Paulo. She won also a scholarship for the Summer Art Course at Santa Fe University, NM in 2014 and it was her first time in the US.    
Avila's increasingly intellectual and passionate approach to filmmaking culminated in her writing Brazilian scripts for film and one for a Tv show that’s still in production. She was obstinate to write some good roles for herself in order to move her Brazilian acting career further, but her ambitious behavior made her come again to the US in 2017 and join some great workshops and meetings that ended up in Avila going to  Los Angeles in 2018 again.


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